Glass bottle automatic spray coating line

Glass bottle automatic spray coating line

  • Glass bottle automatic spray coating line
  • Glass bottle automatic spray coating line
  • Glass bottle automatic spray coating line
  • Glass bottle automatic spray coating line
  • Glass bottle automatic spray coating line
Model No.: HYJ-12
Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets
Payment Type: T/T
Transportation: Ocean
Productivity: 200000
Packaging: Plastic
Delivery Time: 50 Days
Place of Origin: China
Brand: HYJ
Supply Ability: 3000sets per year
Certificate: ISO9001

Product Description

Glass bottle automatic spray uv coating line for cosmetic bottles, wine bottles, perfume bottles, and other glass bottles.

3 steps for glass bottle automatic spray coating line procedure.

Step 1: Painting for base coat 

Step 2: Vacuum coating/metallizing

Step 3: Painting for top coat

Example plan for automatic spray painting equipment/auto spray painting line for glass bottle.

Designed condition required: 

Factory space

spray painting equipment/line specification :90 degree tunning guiding wheel Φ240mm, back turning 1800 degree Φ 300mm wheel 

Line speed : 1-25M/min, frequency conversion and adjustable 

Heat sourcing: heating tubes

Curing oven temperature: 0-100℃ can be adjustable.

Power: AC380V  50HZ 3 phase

Lighting:AC220V  50HZ  single phase

Power control:AC220V (transforming in the power box)

Compressor supply: :0.6±0.05MPa

Whater preasure :0.1MPa(1.0kg/cm2 above)

Spindle :44.45㎜

23pcs spindle per 1 meter

Line length:56m 

equipment total power : 80KW

Auto spray painting equipment production process:

Labor loading productions→electrostatic dust free---flame treatment---UV base coat,top coat spray booth→heating leveling→light curing---unloading for vacuum metallizing. 

Electrostatic Dust Free Booth

Dimension: W1200mm*D1700mm*H1800mm  

Flame treatment booth 

Booth Dimension : W1200mm*D1700mm*H1800mm  

UV base coat top coat spray booth 

Water curtain booth : 

Dimension :W3000mm*D2400mm*H2400mm

Spray gun systems:

Spray gun:WA-101 model(1.3 nozzle)

Rotation sstem

Solenoid valune spray gun control 

Rotation type:  belt rotation , front and back rotation function,crocking resistance , frequency conversion adjustable.

IR lamps for heating 

oven hight :800㎜

Temperature adjustable : 0-100℃

Chainlink passway:600㎜

Electricity control system 

Brand component. 

Equipment Material:

stainless steel . 

The equipment without including air supply ,exhaust pipes, deducting compressor etc. 

Payment terms: 35% TT deposit, 65% TT balance before shipment. 

Installation onsite support: 2 engineers for guiiding. 

Glass bottle spray painting operation skills :

1, with a clean thinner or water to the paint sprayed to the appropriate viscosity, measured by coating -4 viscometer, the appropriate viscosity is generally 18 to 30 seconds. If there is no viscometer, visual method can be used: with a bar (iron bars or sticks) to stir up the paint to 20 cm high to stop the observation, such as paint in a short time (a few seconds) Too thick; such as a break from the barrel along the line is too thin; to 20 cm high when the stop, the paint into a straight line, and instantly become broken down into the drip, the viscosity is more appropriate. In this case,
2, the air pressure is best controlled at 0.3-0.4 MPa (3-4 kg force / square centimeter). Pressure is too small, poor paint spray, the surface will form pitting: pressure is too large and easy to hang, and the mist is too large, both a waste of material and affect the health of the operator. In this case,
3, the nozzle and the surface of the general spacing of 200-300 mm is appropriate. Too close to easy flow hanging; too far paint mist is not uniform, prone to pitting, and the nozzle from the surface of the far paint mist in the way of flying waste. The specific size of the interval, should be based on the types of glass paint, viscosity and pressure to adjust the size of the appropriate. When the air pressure, the distance can be a little bit, the pressure can be close to a little hour; the so-called far point is a little far between the 10 mm -50 mm range of adjustment, the pressure is too small, If this range is exceeded, it is difficult to obtain a desired paint film. In this case,
4, the gun can be used for up and down, left and right movement, preferably 10-12 m / min speed of uniform action, the nozzle should be straight to the surface coating, minimize oblique spraying. When sprayed to the surface at both ends of the gun, the gun button to quickly trigger the pine look, so that paint mist, due to the two ends of the surface, often to accept more than two spray, is the most likely to cause sagging place. In this case,
5, when spraying under a pressure to suppress a 1/3 or 1/4, so as not to leak leakage phenomenon. In the quick-drying paint spray, the need for a spray in accordance with the order. Fill spray effect is not satisfactory. In this case,
6,The automated spray shop is recommended for production in a sealed environment, especially in the case of UV spray production. The workshop needs to be dust-free spray booths and dust-free curing furnaces to prevent dust from falling on the product surface and affecting the product's pass rate.


Coating effect on our automatic Glass bottle automatic spray coating line.
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