evaporated vacuum coating machine

evaporated vacuum coating machine

  • evaporated vacuum coating machine
  • evaporated vacuum coating machine
  • evaporated vacuum coating machine
Payment Type: T/T
Transportation: Ocean
Productivity: 200000pcs/year
Packaging: plastic packing
Delivery Time: 50 Days
Place of Origin: China
Brand: HYJ
Supply Ability: 1000 sets/year
Certificate: ISO9001

Product Description

HYJ is a professional evaporated vacuum coating equipment , evaporated vacuum coating equipment , evaporated vacuum coating equipment , evaporated vacuum coator, evaporated vacuum metalizing equipment , evaporated vacuum metalizing oven, vacuum plating equipment, vacuum plating oven manufacturer, factory, plant and supplier, we are always at your service.

Model 1800 Vertical double door high vacuum coating equipment  

Vacuum coating equipment  description 

1. This equipment is mainly used for steamed after pretreatment of plastic products surface metallized or Color film, that is, plastic surface metallization and colored shaped. The evaporation is under high vacuum to aluminum (AL) or other suitable metal heating, make the metal vaporization, forming metal vapor molecules, scattering around the container, because the plating on the surface of the base temperature is low, the vapor molecules on the surface of the condensation in the base, the formation of membrane layer, can also be evaporated zinc sulfide produced on the surface of silicon and oxygen in color decorative pattern, such as the following, cosmetic shell, toys, light, reflective cup size specifications, etc.).

2. Application and advantages: 

This equipment is my company development and production of multipurpose vacuum coating machine, the machine is available In plastics, ceramics and other non-metallic materials and metal surface treatment of base, make its surface metallization, in order to increase its value, USES the device of electroplating process is easy to operate, craft simple, the effect is good, and no environment pollution. The biggest advantages of this coating machine pumping speed is fast, because is equipped with a mechanical pump, roots pump 1200, H - 150 KT - 800 diffusion pump, pumping speed so fast, is worthy of popularization and practical coating equipment. The equipment is the total weight about 11 tons, voltage 380 v three-phase, single-phase 220 v, frequency 50 hz (Hertz), 60-80 kw power. 

3, main technical performance indicators:

(1), the size of the vacuum chamber (double open the door). 

Inner diameter is 1800 mm 

Artifacts within the frame for the six axis, and the nine shaft, uniform distribution, six rotary shaft workpiece axis diameter of 590 mm, nine shaft is 440 mm, the workpiece frame length is 1850 mm. 

(2), extraction time, from the atmosphere to work vacuum 5 x 10-2 pa is less than or equal In 5 minutes (empty furnace clean) 

Ultimate vacuum: from atmospheric pressure to 3 x 10-3 pa (empty furnace clean).

4.This coating equipment :

1, the diameter of 1800 mm * 2050 vacuum chamber within one table (according to customer needs and order). 

2, H - 150 plunger pump two sets. 

3, 1200 roots pump station (Shanghai). 

4, KT - 800 diffusion pump two units, 800 pneumatic valve diameter two sets of 800 cold trap two pieces. 

5, 2 x - 30 liters maintain pump station. 

6, vacuum piping one whole set (including bellows 3 only). 

7, with a touch screen and PLC control (import schneider, 10 inch panel (touch screen), electric control cabinet with vacuum JiYi station display, inverter one, main machine tools and appliances with suzhou suzhou Siemens; Can also according to customer requirements, set to automatic and manual, semiautomatic control. 

8, vacuum interior design is easy to remove the underwear of one set of stainless steel, with 25 kw transformer one (380 v) 

9, artifacts located in double open the door, inside six axis wheelbase 590 mm, wheelbase 440 mm, outside nine axis, workpiece frame length is 1850 mm. 

 Equipment Applications

Vacuum evaporation coating equipment is mainly used in the surface of the plastic products, ceramics and other pre-treated by the vapor-deposited metal film (aluminum, chrome, stainless steel and other metals), colorful film and imitation gold film, thereby obtaining a bright, beautiful, inexpensive plastic and ceramic surfaces metalized products. Widely used in decoration decoration, lighting, furniture, toys, bottle caps, heel women's shoes, car mirrors, crafts, jewelry, shoes, watches, mobile phones, DVD, MP3, PDA case, cosmetic case and Christmas gifts industry. Processable materials include ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, metal, glass, ceramics, TPU materials. Plating effect: general plating glossy, matte (half-mute, all dumb), the electroplating process wrinkles, drawing, raindrops, colorful.

Technical Parameters

ZF-1000 ZF-1200 ZF-1400 ZF-1600 ZF-1800
Vacuum chamber diameter D1000*H1200MM
D1200*H15000MM D1400*H1600MM D1600*H1800MM D1800*2000MM

power types

Resistance evaporation power
Vacuum chamber material SUS - 304 high quality stainless steel material cavity or high quality carbon steel
Vacuum chamber structure Vertical single to open the door, vertical double open the door, the rear vacuum system
Ultimate vacuum 8.0 x 10-4 Pa, leakage rate of 1 h Pa 0.6 or less
Extraction rate From the atmosphere to 6.7 x 3 pa 8 to 10-15 minutes (room temperature no-load clean)
The evaporation power 10KW
15KW 20KW
20KW 25KW
The whole machine total power 25KW
40KW 60KW 65KW 80KW
Vacuum system Diffusion pump, roots pump and mechanical pump + maintain pump (specific type can be configured according to customer's requirements)

Pressure test Digital display fully automatic compound vacuum gauge
Air intake system Optional flow controller, with automatic control, which can realize automatic conversion
Bogie rotation system Variable frequency infinitely adjustable-speed
The cooling system
Water circulating cooling system.The need to match or cryogenic cooling towers or industrial cold water machine system (customers)
The control mode Manual or PLC and touch screen operation, which can realize the automatic, manual and semi-automatic control
Alarm and protect Pressure alarm, pressure alarm, over-current protection, execute the corresponding protection measures and electric interlock function.
Other technical parameters Acuity 0.2 MPa water pressure, water temperature 25 ℃ or less, air pressure, 0.5 to 0.8 MPa
note Specific configuration size can be designed according to the customer's coating products.Another additive with magnetron sputtering target.Customizable Ф vacuum chamber size range 500-3000 mm, height 500-3000 - mm.

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